Sexuality, AI and sexuality

Using AI to Determine Sexuality is Misconceived and Dangerous

The ethical minefield of AI gaydar. The technology is the equivalent of the technique used in Nazi Germany to identify …
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trans-inclusive, transgender, tranzgender

Encouraging Your College to Be Trans-Inclusive

Here are some tips for encouraging your college to be trans-inclusive. Most students will have a different playing field with …
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queer soldiers, gay soldiers, wwii

How Queer US Soldiers Found a Place to Express Themselves in WWII

Our histories tell us armies make men, but in World War II, conflicted provided a rare and surprisingly open space …
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my first counselor, transgender counseling.

My First Counselor and Why I Never Went Back

I vividly remember everything that happened that visit to the counselor. Let’s just say there was a lot of crying …
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trans lives, suicide

Almost Half of Young Trans People Try to End Their Lives. How Can We Reduce this Alarming Statistic?

We all have a responsibility to improve the well-being of young people, and the current rates of poor mental health …
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transgender tv characters, transgender

Can Transgender TV Characters Help Bridge an Ideological Divide?

In the wake of Trump’s proposed transgender military ban, new research highlights the potential for entertainment –more than news coverage …
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Lesbian Woman, Armed Forces

How Lesbian Women Found a Life in the Armed Forces

While lesbian women were technically banned from serving in the Australia Defense Force until 1992, many before then found that …
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How the Histories of Mardi Gras and Gay Tourism in Australia are Intertwined

How the Histories of Mardi Gras and Gay Tourism in Australia are Intertwined

If intelligently managed, festivals attract substantial numbers of LGBT tourists to regional and rural destinations, injecting additional income into the …
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Rod Stewart, Georgie

Why Rod Stewart’s Gay Ballad ‘Georgie’ was Ahead of its Time

The song is about a young gay man who is murdered in the “so-called liberated days” of the mid-1970s. Stewart …
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transitioning, better mental health

How Transitioning Leads to Better Mental Health – and Job Satisfaction

There are huge benefits for trans people – and society – when they change their outward appearance to reflect their …
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Jordan Peterson, Fake News

Is Jordan Peterson the Philosopher of the Fake News Era?

Jordan Peterson is now a right-wing darling for his views on everything from transgender people, the #MeToo movement and political …
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transgender military, transgender miltary service, transgender army

Fit to Serve: Data on Transgender Military Service

Transgender U.S. Army captain Jennifer Sims lifts her uniform. AP Photo/Matthias Schrader Brandon Hill, University of Chicago and Joshua Trey …
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I'm Stepping Out...Now What?

I’m Stepping Out…Now What?

Well here I am. how do I meet people? how do I go out in public and not get beat …
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There Are 6 Styles Of Love. Which One Best Describes You?

There Are 6 Styles Of Love. Which One Best Describes You?

There’s not just one way to feel or express love. Shutterstock Love is a complex and powerful force, one that …
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ryan cassata

Ryan Cassata on Testosterone

In Ryan Cassata’s latest video he discusses his decision not to go on “T” (or testosterone). His decision was a …
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Trans Love: Blaming Chasers Doesn't Solve a Thing

Trans Love: Blaming Chasers Doesn’t Solve a Thing

Trans Love: Blaming Chasers Doesn’t Solve a Thing Before we start we must first define what a “chasers” is for …
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April Ashley

The Life & Times of April Ashley

April Ashley was born April 29, 1935, under the name George Jamieson in Liverpool, England. She was one of the …
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Michael Dillon

The Life & Times of Michael Dillon

Laurence Michael Dillon, originally named Laura Maud Dillon, was born May 1, 1915, in Folkestone in Kent, England. He was …
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aydian dowling

The Life & Times of Aydian Dowling

Aydian Dowling, an American transgender man from Long Island, New York, became the first transgender to bid on the cover …
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Ataru Nakmura

The Life & Times of Ataru Nakmura

Born on June 28th, 1985, Ataru Nakmura is a well-known name in the Japanese music industry. She is well known …
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