6 Things To Know About Jazz Jennings

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jazz jennings
For many years trans people hid the fact that they were trans at least until adulthood, oftentimes until middle age and older. There are many reasons that people hid their true gender identity, all having to do with the way that society in general felt about trans people. There could be many consequences from losing family, losing jobs, all the way to being murdered. Society is becoming more accepting but besides that a lot of trans people refuse to live an in authentic life. Not only are trans people starting to live their authentic lives, with no more hiding, trans children are also starting to do the same thing. One of those people is a young advocate for trans rights, Jazz Jennings. Here are six things to know about Jazz.

1) Jazz first came into the public eye at 6 years old when she was interviewed on 20/20 by Barbara Walters. Jazz was born biologically a boy but knew from a young age that she was a girl.

2) By the time Jazz was 5 her parents allowed her to live her life as a girl. Due to her parents advocating for her, Jazz is enrolled in school as a girl and her passport says female.

3) Jazz plays on the girls’ soccer team but she and was told when she was eight that she could not play on the team anymore. Jazz fought for two and a half years for the right to be able to play on the girl’s team and finally won.

4) In 2007, she and her parents co-founded the trans organization TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. Then in 2013 Jazz founded an off-shoot of that organization, Purple Rainbow Tails a company that raises money for trans kids by producing fashion mermaid rubber tails.

5) At the young age of 16, Jazz stars in the TV show, I Am Jazz, which documents her life and has a You Tube channel where she makes videos about her life. She also has co-authored and published a children’s book called I Am Jazz which details what it’s like to live as a transgender child. On next season’s “I Am Jazz” Jazz will document her medical consultations about having bottom surgery.

6) Jazz has a very normal life. Her family supports her completely, including her siblings. The family all also help Jazz to stay safe. When she did a follow-up interview with Barbara Walters when she was 11, Barbara talked to her about being at the age where boys and girls start to date and asked her if she liked boys or girls. Jazz stated that she likes boys, to which Barbara asked her what she would do if boys didn’t want to date her because she was different and Jazz told Ms. Walter’s “if any of the boys decline me because of my situation then I just know that they aren’t right for me at all”.

Jazz should be an inspiration to all.

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