Transgender Stories (tg stories)

Being transgender is interesting, to say the least. Transgender men and women are often put in awkward situations by the cisgender among us. Most of the time the moments pass without problems, but the awkwardness does mount. Maya, a popular YouTuber, took to her channel a few months back to discuss, those little awkward moments in her life. While she probably wishes they never happened, they’re still pretty entertaining nonetheless. So sit back and watch her embarrassing transgender stories.

Maya’s use of sound effects also helps, bring out the humorous nature of living a trans life. Then again some of the awkwardness, particularly when her mom rejected her as a woman, is shockingly disappointing to hear. It’s those moments of cruelty, that often leaves me stunned. It’s far too easy to hurt a transgender man or woman and to have a family member do it is beyond irrepressible. Regardless, Maya appears to be well on her way to acceptance. Sadly Maya’s experience is a common theme in many tg stories.


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