Is Elijah Wood Transgender?

 Elijah Wood transgender

Is Elijah Wood transgender? No! The purpose of Tranzgender is to answer all of your transgender questions. The question about Elijah Wood transgender status, is being asked a lot. The Elijah Wood transgender question, recently got a spike in interest from his appearance on Conan’s show. You can watch the clip, below.

That being said, Tranzgender is not going to allow some hacks, to degrade or humiliate the transgender community with their bullshit answers. Elijah Wood is not transgender, and indulging in gender or sexuality speculation, is perverse, unfair, and completely telling. If you found yourself on this page because you were indulging in gender speculation, you’re pathetic and should probably have your head examined.

Why any of you think it’s appropriate to harass people about their gender identity is beyond me. It’s petty and reeks of jealously. TMZ used it’s platform to degrade and humiliate Caitlyn Jenner, before she came out to the world. There were pictures of her crying in her car, because of the unfair harassment and degradation. Of course, after she came out and was on the cover of Vanity Fair, everyone was singing a different tune of tolerance and inclusion. This gender and sexuality speculation about Elijah Wood needs to stop. It’s harmful to the transgender community and it’s totally unfair to Elijah Wood, even though he is having a good laugh.

Oh and Lord of the Rings was dope.

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