Transgender 101: How to Prepare for Anal Sex

anal sex

We’re going come right out and say it, it’s time to talk about how to prepare for anal sex. Along the way, we will talk about the three major hang-ups people have with anal sex, which are hygiene, pain, and the taboo. We’ll also talk about intimacy as well, because anal sex is sex, and that means it must come with a discussion of about intimacy, just like we would have if we’re talking about vaginal sex.


Let’s Talk About Hygiene

What most of you may not know, is that the anus is practically a self-cleaning organ. If you’ve recently used a restroom (based on your gender identity) and then were to stick your finger into your anus, it would likely come clean. This natural phenomenon is the result of millions of years of human evolution. The organ was designed to expel waste as efficiently as biologically possible.

That being said, if you have time to prepare for anal sex, then we at TRANZGENDR would recommend a room temperature distilled water enema. The reason for using distilled water is that the anus can easily absorb chemicals and nutrients. Again that was by evolutionary design to ensure as little consumed energy is lost during digestion.

Distilled water has many of the impurities found in normal water removed through a process called distillation. So using distilled water ensures that your body isn’t absorbing anything you might not want, like Flint Michigan’s lead filled water. While most people will say you’ll be fine using tap water. There are people and communities in this world who should steer toward distilled water, so that’s why we’re recommending best practices.


Clean Stream One Shot Sold at TRANZGENDR Store

The device we suggest you use for your enemas is the Clean Stream One Shot, that you can find in the TRANZGENDR Store.

All you need to do is fill the device with distilled water, put one foot on your toilet lid, insert the Clean Stream into your anus, and inject the distilled water. Wait about one minute then expel the waste water into the toilet. While you’re waiting, refill the Clean Stream One Shot and repeat the process. If you want to make sure you’re really clean, then repeat the process up to three times. We also recommend doing a quick lower body shower afterward to make sure everything is good to go.

It should be noted that nearly all these steps are optional, and how clean you are, really depends on yourself confidence and your relationship with your partner.

It should also be noted that using sex toy cleaners are highly advisable. Some soaps if absorbed by your body could be harmful, so always play it safe.


OK, What About the Pain?

There are two things you should do to prepare for anal sex if you’ve never experienced it.

The first is using anal lube. Again you need to make sure you’re using a lube that is safe for anal sex. Most sexual lubricants are safe, but you need to double check. Don’t just get grab any old lube and think you’re good to go. There is an assortment of anal lubes to choose from in our store. There are desensitizing creams, oils, and sprays in our store which were all designed to increase the pleasure of sex and remove discomfort.

The second thing you should do to prepare for sex is using anal trainers. They’re also called butt plugs. We recommend that you use the desensitizing creams and lubes with the trainers to help relax your anus and prepare it, for a good pounding.

Don’t just try to jam the biggest trainer inside yourself. Work your way up so you don’t cause any unnecessary tearing. Tearing could lead to things like hemorrhoids, so be kind to yourself and think long term and don’t get caught up in the moment.

Once you have trained your anus for anal sex, then your set for enjoyable anal sex. You still need to clean and use lube, but once you’re trained, it ain’t no thang.


The Taboo

I know a lot of people feel weird about buying sex toys, lubes, or what have you because you’re afraid of being seen as a perv. Don’t be. There’s nothing wrong with getting the most pleasure out of sex.

If you want to have better sex, then you need to overcome the taboos. The best way to do that is by experiment with toys and lubricates on your own. If you or your partner start using lubes and toys like a pro, then both of you will start to feel less anxiety about sex.

Most anxiety is a lack of self-confidence. The only way to overcome it is to just dive right in and don’t look back. The TRANZGENDR Store has so many different ways to experiment with your partner, that sex should never become boring. If your sex life is getting stale, then you need to just browse the different categories and find something interesting and new. Your sex life or marriage is only boring because you aren’t trying. If your partner is the one not trying, then you need to double down and start letting them know, it’s OK to buy and play with sex toys.

If your partner is sexually repressed, then you should make it a habit of introducing new things. Do this so he or she knows, they can do it without consequences. And communicate that’s why you’re buying the toys. Your partner can’t read your mind, so they could end up thinking you’re way more experienced and then freak out. So the best policy is communication.


We Need to Talk About Intimacy

If you finally get your partner to start experimenting with sex, the worse thing you can do goes around and tell all your friends about how great your sex life is. That’s how you break intimacy, and it’s the quickest way to get your partner to turtle up again. You are violating your partner’s trust when you do that, so don’t. Make your bedroom a safe space, for your special kind of love. Don’t share that space with anyone, but each other.

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