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Fallon Fox is an American MMA artist who was born on November 29, 1975 in Toledo Ohio. She is considered as the first openly transgender athlete in MMA history. Fallon Fox recalls struggling with her gender issues when she was 5 or 6 years of age. During his teenage life, Fallon Fox completely believe that she may have been a gay male, however she learned about transgender term when she reaches the age of 17.

Early Life of Fallon Fox

As a heterosexual male, Fallon Fox married her girlfriend at the age of 19 and her wife become pregnant with their first daughter. After this, Fallon Fox decided to join the US Navy in order to support her family. Fallon Fox serves as an operations specialist on USS Enterprise. When she decide to leave the Navy, she decided to enroll at the University of Toledo, but after a few months she dropped out due to her emotional stress from her unanswered gender issues. After leaving her college life, Fallon Fox strive hard and worked as a truck driver in order for her to earn enough money to support her sex reassignment surgery. Fallon Fox decided to move to Chicago with her family. In the year 2006, she traveled to Thailand to undergo hair transplant, breast augmentation and gender reassignment surgeries at the Bangkok International Hospital.

The Controversy

Fallon Fox decided to reveal her new gender on March 5, 2013 during his interview with a well-known writer named Cyd Zeigler. The controversy swelled over confusion with Florida’s athletic commission and California State Athletic Commission over the licensing process Fallon Fox select to complete in Coral Gables. After publications shed light on the licensing procedure and Fox’s coming out many commentators brought up the issue of whether a person born as a male should be able to fight in MMA fighting. Due to this controversy and licensing procedure, the co-founder of CFA who promoted the fight of Fallon Fox last March 2 postponed her fight on April 20.

According to De La Noval, the organization will support Fallon Fox as long as she is licensed and she is always welcome in their organization. On 2013, Matt Mitrione expressed his dislike of Fallon Fox. UFC condemned his comments and suspended him as well as fined him an undisclosed amount. The controversy about Fallon Fox was a topic during the edition of HBO Real Sports. Fallon Fox has an excellent martial arts record with a total of 5 wins, 3 wins by knockout and 2 wins by submission. She has 1 loss by knockout.

In the year 2014, Fallon Fox was inducted into the Lesbian Sports and National Gay Hall of Fame. The life of Fallon Fox is a great indication that being an MMA fighter does not require a gender. As long as you have the skills, license and ability to perform your job, there is nothing wrong about that. People don’t need to judge or condemned the LGBT community or even Fallon Fox since she just want to find the real happiness she deserves.

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