Ryan Cassata on Testosterone

ryan cassata

In Ryan Cassata’s latest video he discusses his decision not to go on “T” (or testosterone). His decision was a personal choice that took many factors into account. The first factor was his parent’s insistence that he wait until he was 18. For this Ryan says he’s grateful. While most transgender men don’t have to account for their singing voice while making the decision to go on “T”, Ryan does and this has profoundly affected that decision. The combination of being forced to wait and his voice has caused him to fluctuate back and forth about his desire to take “T”. The uncertainty made the decision for him, and that was not to take “T”.

Ryan also faces pressure from the transgender community to take “T”,  and from the rest of the world that demands that he fit into their mold of what it means to be a man. Ryan’s response to those pressures is spot on, “You shouldn’t transition for society, you should transition for yourself.”

For most transgender people, society doesn’t want them to transition at all. But Ryan has the unique status of being a public figure within the transgender community, so his pressures are different. That being said, cisgender and transgender men face pressure to be masculine. These pressures often lead to feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing, if one does not fit into the mold perfectly. These feelings have to lead to horrific acts of violence, like what we saw in Orlando. Masculinity is a very dangerous and unhealthy concept to strive for because it leads men down a path of excessive risk taking and violence. It’s a major contributing factor in the shorter lifespan of men.

The answer to whether you should be on “T” comes down to the fundamental question, do you know yourself. If you know your survival depends on taking “T”, then your decision has already been made for you. If it doesn’t, take the time to know yourself. Testosterone is a powerful drug, waiting will likely not affect your appearance in the long-run. On the other hand, transgender girls face a different issue because of testosterone’s power. They must make the decision to block puberty to avoid its power, which means they get a little time to decide. If you got time, use it. You’ll be happier and more content when you know the right answer for yourself.

You can check out Ryan’s video below. He only talks about Pokemon Go for a few seconds so bare with him.


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