The Westbury Apartments in Beaverton Is a War Zone!

I’ve been renting at the Westbury Apartment complex in Beaverton, Oregon since April of 2017. When I first started living fully as a transgender woman, I immediately started to be treated differently by one member of the staff. Every time I walked into the office to receive packages the manager would just start laughing out loud for no reason at all. I had to send them a message letting them know that people “within the community” were disrespectful. It was actually the manager of the place. They wrote me back saying that they didn’t put up with that stuff even though it was coming right from the top. It was a basically save your ass kind of letter. The manager did stop once she found out I created Which is now this site.

Since that time I’ve been pretty quiet. But my neighbors have not. In the months since living here, my neighbor has been allowing his dog to urinate and defecate all around the apartment. The smell of dog urine and feces was emanating from beneath the stairwell was so gross I would just run in and out of my apartment as quickly as I could to avoid it. It was particularly bad during the summer. All the grass in front of my apartment has been urinated or shit upon by his dog. It’s disgusting. It’s like a minefield of fecal matter that, makes you want to vomit.

Occasionally he’ll also smoke weed in his apartment which of course makes my entire apartment part of his stoner excursions. While it’s legal in Oregon to smoke, it’s not legal to smoke out your neighbor’s apartments. It’s also against the rules, but they don’t seem to care.

A few months ago, the neighbor across the way from me got into a domestic altercation, in which she screamed for help and told the men in her apartment get off of her. At that point, I looked out the window and another man was ripping off the screen to her window, then jumped through. I immediately called the cops. They arrive and investigated. I don’t know what else they did. But of course, since then the girl has been giving me dirty looks, every time I see her while walking to my car. As if I committed a crime for calling the police when I woman is screaming for help while a random guy is ripping the screen off her window and jumping through it. That situation gave me no choice.

Across the street from my apartment, there is a family with a few boys. This spring and summer I got to watch the older boy spend all summer bullying the other children. It got to the point that a younger kid said that he was going to get his gun and shoot the bully. The bully then said he was going to get his gun and shoot him first. My guess is that those kids probably have guns in their apartment.

On the weekends, all I hear is people blasting the music in their cars, walking around drunk and talking as loud as possible and burning their tires on the way out of the complex.

It’s a complete nightmare. It’s more like psychological warfare. But since I kept to myself no one has really targeted me, even though I’m trans. That was until yesterday.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment at the VA in Portland and of course, I drove there. Which how they finally attacked me. It’s really the only thing they could get me on. They can’t report me for being loud or blasting music. I use earphone all day. I hardly ever watch television. But I do drive. It’s the one point in which the bigots could attack me. It’s the one thing they can say hey, let’s report her for that.

While I may drive a bit quickly, it’s nothing obscene. I only have to drive like 20 or 50 yards in and out of the complex. My apartment is pretty close to the exit. To be honest, one of the reasons I drive quickly get in and out of my car quickly is because the Westbury Apartments is that the neighbors are scary. It’s a fucking War Zone. I worry if I mill around too long, someone will harass me, so I move quickly in and out of my apartment for safety.

One day I noticed there was a man walking in the middle of the complex street screaming at people as they were driving. He appeared to be one of those people who demand that everyone live by his rules and if they don’t, he makes their life a living hell. He’s the kind of person who files ridiculous lawsuits that clog up the court system, with petty nonsense.

If I had to guess is this tyrant in the Westbury Apartment War Zone that reported me. Westbury’s response was to charge me $50 for going to my doctor’s appointment. And if I drive too quickly again they say they’re going to charge me $250.

Warning about the Westbury Apartments

So my advice to anyone thinking about moving to Westbury. Don’t! Unless you complain about everything your neighbors do, they will eventually get around to complaining about you. I have not reported any of my neighbors for any of their violations. But if you don’t fight back in the Westbury Apartment Warzone, they will rob of your veteran’s compensation. So now I’m forced to report them all. I will be taking names and writing down times for every violation I see or disgusting thing I have to endure.

That being said, if you beat your girlfriend, threating to shoot each other children, let your dog piss and shit everywhere, blasting your car music, screaming loudly because of you too drunk to realize you’re obnoxious, the Westbury Apartment War Zone is the perfect home for you.

This place isn’t for people who are quiet and keep to themselves. If that is your plan while living here, they will steal your paycheck or veteran’s disability.

The Westbury Apartment War Zone is a hell hole. It smells like hot-baked dog urine. If you don’t have what it takes to survive and fight back then don’t apply here.

The only way the could target me was when I drove my car. They went after the only point they could attack me on. If I listen to my TV too loud they would have reported me. If had a domestic dispute they would have reported me. If smoked weed they would have reported me. If my son would have threatened another child they would have reported me. Since I live a quiet life and keep to myself, they attacked the way I drive 20 to 50 yards. I do believe that the person who reported is likely a transphobe. I believe that person probably hates me because I’m transgender and has been obsessing over how they could get me kicked out of the Westbury Apartment Warzone. When you have an apartment manager who literally laughs every time you walk into the office. There clearly a sympathetic ear waiting to have something they could work with.

So they literally attacked my 20 to 50-yard drive through the community. It’s all they could do because I’m quiet and I keep to myself.

The Westbury Apartments in Beaverton are an unmitigated warzone. This is life as a transgender person. If I was a white guy in a big pickup truck, I can guarantee I would have never been reported. The bigot would have just looked the other way towards a minority or another person they feel justified in hating. I live under a microscope. Any point at which I can be attacked, bigots will attack me. They will come looking like concerned members of the community, family members, ex-lovers, you name it. Bigots will wear any sheep’s clothing they can find, to attack the people they hate.

They literally could only attack the way I drive 20 to 50 yards. That’s it. And they did it. The only place they could attack me with their bigotry and try to hurt me. They did it. I don’t drive obscenely. My tires don’t squeal. I don’t blast my music. Most of the time I don’t even listen to music in my car. But they literally couldn’t help themselves. They had to find the only thing they could complain about to try and hurt the tranny.

I’m living in a fucking warzone, and they’re fining me for trying to enter and exit the war zone as quickly as possible. This is my sin.

Well I know how to create websites and do Search Engine Optimization. I will be fighting back.

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