Twitch Viewers Use Hate Speech to Harass Transgender Streamer

Seeker619 said, “CHICK WITH A DICK! nice name… Then Voltagex said, “gay!” then they both left the match simultaneously.

Over the last week, I have been streaming games on Twitch and talking to various people within the community. During this time I have been repeatedly degraded by viewers and players in games like Dead by Daylight and Overwatch. I’ve had my body degraded, misgendered, and had other derogatory statements have been made about me. The harassment has been nonstop. Much of it has been reported to, Twitch (Amazon), Valve, and Battlenet.

When they realized I was reporting their outright harassment of me to Valve and Battlenet, they began engaging in something called “stream sniping”. Stream sniping is when a streamer logs into a multiplayer game and harassers watch the stream, hunt down the streamer in game and then ruin their stream by disrupting the gameplay. It has gotten so bad that I cannot play Dead by Daylight anymore. After coming to that realization I switched to Overwatch and they followed me to that game. Their constant harassment has made it impossible for me to enjoy the games I’m playing. Its also put me under the constant stress of trying to be a few steps ahead of these online stalkers.

This gamer called me “dude” out of nowhere. This is least abusive insult I’ve endured.

The bad news for me is that Overwatch is currently running a free to play weekend. Which means these stream snipers have been creating accounts, hacking the game, and targeting me, without any fear of repercussions. If you think they care if they get caught, they don’t. Their motivations are outright hate and annoyance. And the punishment for their harassment is essentially nothing.

It’s very common for streamers to be stream sniped and harassed by Twitch/ YouTube Gaming/ Mixer viewers. Normally the harassment is reserved for larger (more popular) streamers, but because of my status as a transgender woman and the creator of Tranzgender, I believe they have targeted me for harassment.

I also believe that most of my viewers throughout the day are actually stream snipers. Transgender women check in here and there, but whenever I play a multiplayer game, stream snipers spike my channel population so they can use their hacks and cheats to harass me.

I’ve started taking screen captures of their harassment and hate speech. I feel like the developers, studios, and Amazon are doing nothing to protect me and other streamers from harassment.00 Battlenet the creators of Overwatch has just started taking abuse seriously, but most other developers don’t care to deal with the issue due to cost and fear of losing out on money from people who behave badly.

I believe it may be time to move to an industry-wide one strike you’re out policy, that extends beyond the game in which the infractions occur. This isn’t a transgender thing. This is something that affects nearly all streamers. It happens regularly to anyone who has over 10,000 followers. While my abuse amounts to outright hate speech, the abuse the other streamers are enduring is to their small businesses and their content creation.

One of the concerns I have is that children are watching these streamers. They are seeing people engage in hate and harassment with no consequences for their abuse. The question becomes, what is the world going to look like when they grow up in a world filled with hate, that can easily be justified with broken moral compasses that plague much of America.

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