Why Overwatch is Over

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I recently picked up Overwatch, because I heard it had healers and it was fun. After about a month of playing the game nearly non-stop, I’ve come to the conclusion that Overwatch is over. It had potential and could be a lot of fun, but the community ruined the game. It’s so broken by the community, that the game ended up breaking me.

I initially bought an account and leveled up to 25 and then I got ranked. But the ranking process requires you to do 10 matches to get your SR, which is your skill rating. The first go through three of the matches were thrown by multiple people. People outright quit, didn’t want to do their jobs, polluted chat with transphobic and homophobic assaults, and refused to play characters that would be needed for a competitive team composition. I ended up with a gold rating after about 20 hours of playing. Which is decent, considering everyone should have been playing for about a year.

After I got my rating, I started playing matches and they were even worse than Quick Play. It was so bad I thought something was wrong with my ranking. So I bought another copy on sale and decided to level up again and try to get ranked one more time.

In the first match, immediately after I picked my healer (Mercy) the tank switches to Torb. This move is the classic Overwatch troll move. He was throwing the game. Just so you know, people have been banned for playing Torb in competition. When the tank switches to Torb, it means he’s trolling the match. I just left. I wasn’t in the mood to argue with a troll, so I just left.

The second match, the tank says, “Hilter is innocent”, then proceeds to run right into the enemy and refused to put up his shield. He and everyone who followed wiped. I quit before I could get killed. I didn’t feel like enduring racism and to be trolled, so I just left.

The third match, the Bastion on our team, when called out for throwing said he was new and borrowing his friend’s account. When I told him to use Quick Play after he threw the match he said, “I’ll do what I want”

The fourth match was an equal match we ended up winning. It was actually fun. The only problem was one guy had a Korean name, so one person on our team repeatedly harassed him about being in an internet cafe and made other horrendous anti-Asian attacks on him. One person asked the Asian player if he wanted us to report the harassment. I reported him after the first attack.

The fifth match was a bunch of unranked players against a team of gold ranked players. It didn’t last long. My team just ended up going out in a steady stream towards the enemy and made no attempt to group up. I didn’t say anything in chat because it usually just results in abuse.

The sixth match, the other team had two people who threw the match. They spent the entire match arguing over who was throwing and one quit. We obviously won that match.

The seventh match, the person accused of throwing that last match was on my team and began throwing the match. I quit immediately after it became obvious. I was in no mood to be trolled yet again.

The eighth match, it loaded we began to select players and I just quit. I realize I couldn’t take anymore and I just quit. I’m done.

The data shows that Overwatch is in steady decline. It’s in decline because the community is nothing but trolls. The people who are conflict avoidant are being punished for not wanting to endure the trolling, so I just left. In a month, I’ve probably reported over 200 people for abusive chat. The amount of trolling is nearly non-stop. In order to get one good game, you have to endure hours upon hours of abuse and trolling. It breaks you. It really does. People will look at all the times I quit and say I’m a “leaver”, but I’m just trying to perverse what’s left of my sanity. The truth is, I’m conflict avoidant. What is going on in Overwatch is clearly a complete and total mess. The game is literally broken by the community. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

I started out this game like I usually do in all games. I just played through everything from beginning to end. This game broke me. I’m literally part of the problem now because I don’t want to sit there an be trolled 24/7. This game/community brings out the worst in people.

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