I’m Stepping Out…Now What?

Well here I am. how do I meet people? how do I go out in public and not get beat up? how do I know my bra size without spending a fortune figuring it out? How do I drive to a bar for a night out and not worry about getting pulled over and humiliated? how does all this work?

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  1. Sophia Faith Love

    You need to get a body tape measure like the one I linked below. As for the tape, put it where your nipples are and take that length. If you 38 inches around your chest than you’re a 38, or whatever. I would just go for a padded b cup, if you not no boobs yet. A cups are really a thing and the padding will give you some shape.

    As for driving to the bar, take a cab or Uber. I drive all the time even and night and I don’t get pulled over. Plus drinking and drive is bad for trannies. It’s like gremlins who eat after midnight.

    Finally, it’s not humiliating being yourself. After a few weeks, I was walking into the stores thinking every guy wants me. It’s not really that big of a deal once you hit your stride. The hardest part so far was just getting to the point where I was ready to live full time. Well, I never lived part-time, to be honest. I just ripped off the band-aid and went for it.

    Most of the women I met were slowly transitioning. For many, life makes it difficult to grip it and rip it. But they’re committed to never backing off or let themselves fall back into hiding. It’s easy to hide, but you will regret the wasted time.