Is Michelle Obama Transgender?

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Its TRANZGENDR mission to help the world understand what it means to be transgender from the community’s perspective. Which means from time to time, we are forced to response to some offensive questions that may arise on the internet or in popular culture.

Recently there has been a growing conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama is transgender, and that the “October Surprise” that usually occurs the month before the presidential election, will be her outing. Let me make it very clear, Michelle Obama is NOT transgender.

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There are numerous photos of her as a little girl with her family. She was born in the mid-60s, and lived through an era in which black Americans and transgender American were largely oppressed. During the years of her early childhood, concept of being transgender was not yet full understood or even remotely accepted. The idea that her parents would risk raising her under those conditions is extremely extremely unlikely.

Most of the people who are trying to make the case for her transgender status, rely on sudo-science while at the same time denying actual science when it comes to other theories like climate change. They point to the length of her fingers as proof that she’s male, when that length of one’s fingers is not an indicator of gender. They site patterns that are not consistent throughout general population, and then make bold statements as if they are factual or a law of nature.

They also reference a speech in which Barack Obama said the name “Michael”. First of all they remove all context of the speech, which means the President could have been referring to different person entirely. The most likely reason the President said the name “Michael” is that he is human and humans make mistakes. Just think about how many times in your own life you have called someone the wrong name. It happens all the time!

Giving speeches are stressful events for people and therefore people are prone to making mistakes or misspeaking under those conditions. There are probably thousands of instances where the President misspoke in other material ways, but those instances are not sited. They are completely ignored. There is no discussion at all about how hard it is to give a flawless speech. They complete ignore human nature, and act as if Barack Obama is a robot.

The conspiracy theories love to select evidence that reinforces their outrageous theories, while ignoring common sense. None of the videos that I have seen on YouTube, show any of Michelle Obama’s childhood pictures. They tretransgender datingat Mrs. Obama as if she was created in a lab, just prior to the President running for office.

What makes this conspiracy theory offensive to the trans community, is that it implies there is something wrong with a trans women being the First Lady. There is nothing wrong with it, but Michelle Obama is not the first transgender First Lady. She is a mother of two daughters and she should be respected and treated with dignity and humanity.

If you came here looking for a reason to hate her, ask yourself why? Why are you searching for reasons to hate someone? Your searches say more about your nature, than it does about Michelle Obama.

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