The Life & Times of Jenna Talackova

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Jenna Talackova

It’s a good time to be Jenna Talackova. Lately the tide has been changing all over the world in accepting people for who they are. The LGBTQ community is getting support around the globe that is unprecedented. One of those people benefiting from this positive and necessary change is Jenna. This model, activist, and television personality was the first contestant to compete in Canada’s Miss Universe pageant in 2012. It was a big deal for a variety of reasons, but mainly because the organizers of the pageant initially disqualified her and weren’t going to let her compete. This beauty had the gumption to take on the system though, until they allowed her to be a part of the event. She made it into the top 12, with a special award for “Miss Congeniality.” So where did this gorgeous lady with the beautiful smile and gentle nature come from?

Her story begins in 1998, born in Vancouver British Columbia, as “Walter” and suffered in the early years feeling dysphoria about her gender. It was not easy to grow up in her conservative community feeling like she didn’t belong in her own body. She took steps at 14-years-old to transition to female calling herself, “Paige” and eventually changing it to “Jenna” when she completed full sexual reassignment surgery at 19. This brave step cemented in her mind, body, and heart who she was all along.

Now at 27, she is a fixture on Canada’s reality television scene. Jenna has found that by being completely transparent about her lifestyle is the best way to showcase what the transgender community is all about. Her show, “Brave New Girls” premiered in 2014 which detailed her work as a transgender activist, student of holistic nutrition, and all around entertaining girl, just like any other girl, looking to make her mark on the world. They filmed the show in Toronto where Jenna is also pursuing her modeling career. Her cousin, and a fellow Miss Universe contestant live with her to appear on the show as well.

Sometimes your social circle, family, and friends can be your best support system. The people that surround Jenna are the perfect example of that. It’s so vital that transgender people have the support and love they deserve. Sadly transgender people face a higher risk of suicide. The Williams Institute has reported that a whopping 41 percent of the community has attempted suicide at some point in their lives. In comparison only 4 percent of the U.S. population has attempted to end their life. That’s a big difference.

Jenna is looking to change the perception that trans people are different in any way. They are just like everyone else looking to live their lives to the fullest with love and acceptance.

You can follow all things Jenna on her Twitter account under @JennaTalackova, where she has around 7,000 followers and growing. Her positive influence on the world around her is widely know every time she posts a tweet under #lovewins. She is also the spokesmodel for Lionesse Beauty, which is a hair care, skincare, and beauty tools company. You can see her gorgeous ads on their website.

Only time will tell in how far Jenna’s star will rise, but so far she’s managed to be a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ community around the world.

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