The Life & Times of Lauren Foster

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Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster grew up in the colonial South African community of Durban during the turbulent 1960s. Diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome as a child, which means she has a chromosome pattern of XXY rather than the traditional XY genotype, Lauren identified as a female during her childhood years and throughout puberty and began transiting in her teenage years. At age 17, Lauren was living exclusively as a female and began receiving hormone therapy, and when she was 18, her supportive parents paid for her to have gender-confirming surgery. Lauren cultivated a happy, active social life as a woman, and her stunning good looks resulted in an abundance of opportunities to work as a model. She soon achieved international renown for her modeling work and enjoyed an urban, sophisticated existence in the endless hip of New York City’s downtown scene. A regular at Studio 54, Lauren rubbed shoulders with the cultural icons of the international art, music, and fashion communities, and when visiting the West Coast, she was a regular guest at Hugh Hefner’s mansion.

At the age of 23 in 1980, Lauren first achieved worldwide recognition when she was featured in a 6-page spread in the Mexican edition of Vogue. True to form, the tabloid journalists were hot on her her heels after the Vogue shoot, and one of them contacted her to inform her that he had discovered her past and had intentions of writing about it. It wasn’t long before other journalists jumped into the fray and began digging into her childhood, contacting her friends and family trying to arrange interviews. Rather than becoming a victim of the yellow press, Lauren took ownership of the situation and the story and granted interviews so that she could be the primary storyteller of her own life. Her story was covered by a number of international publications, and life went on — however, her modeling career slowed significantly for a time, and Lauren had difficulty finding modeling work outside of countries where she wasn’t widely known. Nonetheless, Lauren persevered.

Also an accomplished actress, Lauren studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. She spent over a decade working for underground gay party promoter Jeffrey Sanker and has worked with international music celebrities such as Grace Jones and Boy George. In 2001, she had a cameo in the film ‘Circuit,’ which is a film about the underground party scene. To date, Lauren has filmed three biopics, worked as a public relations director for the MIAMI Institute for Age Management and Intervention, and is the first transgender woman to be featured on a regular basis on the hit reality series ‘The Real Housewives of Miami.’ Lauren continues to model, and she splits her time between her home in Miami and her other residence in Cape Town. Her life’s journey is still very much an inspiring work of progress.

Lauren is highly engaged in the business of life and is usually juggling several projects at once. One of her current endeavors is the website ‘Just Another Girl,” which is an online resource designed for transgender women.

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