The Life & Times of Joseph Lobdell

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Joseph Lobdell

Joseph Lobdell was born in 1829 as Lucy Ann Lobdell, and was a nineteenth-century person allotted female at birth who existed as a man for 60 years. Twentieth-century professors have named Lobdell a lesbian, while other have contended that he was indeed a transgender man. New York Article released in the year 1877 referred to his life as the most singular family backgrounds ever recorded.

Lucy was born on the 2nd of December 1829, to a working class family in New York. She wedded George Washington Slater, and who was allegedly mentally abusive as well as abandoned shortly after the natal of their daughter. He was recognized for marksmanship and named “The Female Hunter of Delaware County. Aside from that, they were also renowned to be a talented fiddle player as well as opened a singing training school. Lobdell also got a Civil War pension, when his husband was murdered in the war.

In 1860, Lobdell entered the County Poor House in New York wherein they met Marie Louise Penny. Later they married Penny in 1861 in Pennsylvania. In the year 1879, Joseph was cart off to the Ovid New York’s Willard Insane Asylum. While inside the sanctuary, Lobdell becomes a patient of Doctor P.M. Wise, who issues a brief article entitled “A Case of Sexual Perversion,” wherein he noted Lobdell statement “ and she well-thought-out herself a man in all which the name suggests.”

Sometimes in 1855, Lobdell trim her hair, she changed outfits and also went off the live the rest of her life as a male, making history at each turn. In the border, Minnesota Lobdell was put on trial because of wearing men’s outfits or clothes, “falsely mimicking a man, to a higher extent of the disgrace of the public, and opposed the peace as well as self-respect of Minnesota state. In Pennsylvania Lobdell was wedded to Marie Perry through an unwary judge, as stated by the New York Sun, considered as the first recorded the same-sex marriage in United States. In the year 1879, she was also given a big funeral in the NY Times: “Death of a Modern Diana, Wearing Man’s Clothing She Wins a Girl’s Love.”

The year 1891, in the publication Alienist and Neurologist, P.M. Wise referred to Lobdell relationship as lesbian love, which references accredited as the 1st time the word lesbian was used to a woman in America. On the other hand, was Lobdell really a lesbian or was she maybe, transgender? Lucy is a transgender according to Bambill Lobdell, her distant relative in a book A Strange Sort of Being written by McFarland.

The author contends which she shouldn’t be called as a lesbian and must be referred to as Mr. Joseph Lobdell “My objective is to place the specialist to describe and tag Lobdell with him, validating his identity as a transgender man, and moving him from lesbian to transgender history.” All which can be true and she could still be a girl and a lesbian. To make this story short, she was transgender.

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