The Meaning of Sex

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Sex is a classification that is typically given to infants at birth, based almost solely on their genitalia. Gender is usually then assigned based on the given classification. To truly understand the plight of transgender men and women, you must accept that sex and gender are separate and distinct from one another.

The meaning of sex can very based on the context and purpose of the discussion. When trying to be polite and respectful of transgender men and women it’s typically best to treat them as human being’s and avoid badgering them about gender issues, sex, and sexual orientation. Most transgender people just want to live in peace and be respected. While almost all are forced to be advocates for the community, they really just want to live and be loved. That’s it. It’s that hard.

Transgender men and women deserved to be respected. The gender they were assigned at birth which was based on their sex, wasn’t disrespectful. What is disrespectful is not allowing trans people to live honest and good lives, because of what you want. Stop trying to put your desires over the needs of others, and that’s the quickest way to respect others regardless of it’s a discussion over gender or sex.

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