Trans Video Game Characters: Chrono Trigger’s Flea

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Chrono trigger flea

Flea is a character that appears in the Chrono Trigger game series. You can find Flea in the Middle Ages, more specifically in the Fiendlord’s Keep. The character is a boss in that particular level and you will have to eliminate many mobs until you reach him.

The character, as you can see, is a transgender one. You will see that he has a design which is very similar to a woman despite actually being a man. The intrigue here is that Flea was actually supposed to be a woman at first and a last minute change led to the character actually become a man in the end. It’s a very interesting turn of events for sure and it does show the uniqueness of the entire experience!

If you are interested in finding out more about Flea, then you should know he is actually a magician with a lot of strength. That’s what makes this character different when compared to the other ones in the Chrono Trigger series because he does have a massive set of powers. You also have the ability to battle Flea in the new game plus of the Chrono Cross. It really shows how unique and distinct the entire experience really is and you are bound to enjoy the great attention to detail that is delivered here.

There are some fights where Flea’s gender is sometimes male and sometimes you can find him being a woman. The combination of a skirt and pants make this character one of the most interesting transgender characters out there and it does show the uniqueness offered by this character, to begin with.

The feminine garment sported by Flea actually has a name and it’s called the Flea Bustier. This only manages to add the total confusion. It’s easy to understand why they wanted to add a transgender character because they did want diversity and a very interesting, cohesive story. The character is a very good fighter and the combos that he comes with are very powerful.

At times, Flea will even use tech which actually manages to make the attacks even deadlier than ever before. That’s what gives a distinct touch to the character not to mention that the gameplay does tend to be more alert when you have this character around.

A thing to keep in mind when you battle Flea is that the character actually has a very good magic resistance. That alone is really helpful because it manages to show the character strength and commitment to his cause. Your party members have the ability to trap Flea inside a dedicated item. It’s one of the best methods you can use to counter the attacks of this character.

As a whole, Flea is a very good fighter and maybe one of the most distinct transgender characters in the gaming world. One thing is certain, Flea has a lot of charm and being able to fight him in the game is an exciting experience!

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