Trans Video Game Characters: Guilty Gear’s Bridget

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Guilty Gear Bridget

Bridget is a character from the Guilty Gear fighting series and it has a set of female curves as well as slender legs and arms. The character has blond hair and a set of wide green eyes. Despite having a feminine figure, this character is actually a male fighter that has the fighting attire of a nun which is quite interesting and definitely unique for sure.

The story around Bridget is very interesting. The character on its own is very friendly and he actually shows a strong connection to the other characters. That’s more specifically May, Dizzy as well as Potemkin among many others. You will actually see Bridget asking for permission for stuff not to mention that he will showcase his skill in front of others.

Guilty Gear: Bridget, guilty gear transgenderThe transgender aspect of Bridget is interesting because despite being a man with a woman’s look, this character does want to prove himself. He works very hard in order to make sure that he reaches the necessary determination and focus on obtaining all results he needs. Bridget is not a very violent character although the moves in the game are very fluid and designed to impress at all times. He does have a very innocent personality which is quite uncommon for a fighting game. Still, Bridget manages to take this personality and he makes it unique.

This is one of the reasons why many consider the character as a favorite. Even if Bridget might not be considered a threat by the other opponents, he does have a strong set of ideas and a true focus for a good outcome.

One thing is certain, as you play Bridget you will always try to be polite to the others and at times you will even help them if possible. During fights, you do get violent but you are bound to enjoy the great attack patterns and other interesting options offered by the character.

A thing to keep in mind with Bridget is that this transgender character has an English background. In fact, the character was born in England. The parents knew that having 2 twins with the same gender will give them bad luck so they raised Bridget as a girl, hence the visual appeal and all the other features offered by the character. Even though the superstitions turned out to be false, Bridget still kept this name and he continued training in order to become a more powerful character. It’s important to note that this is an amazing character for those that want a good combination of defense and offense.

Being a bounty hunter does come with its own set of great gameplay options for Bridget and that’s very nice. It does add a lot of layers to this transgender character. One thing is certain, you will have fun as you play Bridget because this is an amazing character which provides you with some very interesting options as a whole! It’s well worth playing for sure so you should consider checking it out!

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