Transgender Video Games Characters: Street Fighter’s Poison

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Poison is one of the main fictional characters that were included in both the Street Fighter and the Final Fight series of video games. The character was created by Akira Yasuda from Capcom.

It’s important to note that this particular character has first appeared in the first Final Fight game alongside the Roxy character and this was a very interesting experience for sure. The interesting thing about Poison is that it was soon integrated in the Street Fighter series thanks to the popularity that the character managed to acquire.

Like many of the other transgender characters, this one is no stranger to controversy. Initially, Poison was created as a female thug for the Final Fight series and she was supposed to be a part of the main group of antagonists. However, the developers soon noticed that there might be a lot of concerns when it comes to fighting women and this they reimagined the character in the form of a newhalf.

This is where things get a little strange. The character was soon replaced by the male characters named Sid and Billy. In fact Poison actually appeared at one point near the wrestler named Hugo and she was his manager even though she was more than able to become a wrestler to begin with.

The character was also set to appear in two other games like the Final Fight StreetWise and Capcom Fighting All Stars however the second one was cancelled and the first one omitted her as the development for the title continued. She did appear in the Street Fighter X Tekken title and she was even integrated in the Ultra Street Fighter IV experience which was great for the character to begin with.

One thing is certain, the addition of Poison to the two game series was a great one as the character does have some very good moves. The issue with Poison being a trans woman or not is there because the character is very ambiguous. Plus, the lack of any type of amendment or acknowledgement from the creators did leave room for speculation. That’s what manages to show the true challenge of the experience in the end and it also brings you the information you want about this great character.

The design of Poison is very interesting as the character was created as a female with long, pink and rugged hair. She has a cap, high heels and a tank top. However, they do leave room for speculation when it comes to the gender and that’s where the transgender controversy came into play.

Overall, Poison is a unique character and it does show a variety of interesting things for most players. It offers great moves and some of the best designs out there. Poison really is one of the most interesting and fun to play transgender characters in video game history so if you do want a cool transgender fighter in your game Poison is definitely the one you are looking for!

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