7 Badass Transgender Video Game Characters

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transgender video games

Although many games tend to be very gender-specific, the reality is that you do have quite a lot of games focused specifically on showcasing the power of transgender characters as well. In fact, the newer, modern games allow you to have same sex relationships or transgender characters if you want. There aren’t that many games that help you do that though and we wanted to pay an homage to some of the best transgender characters in video gaming. So, here you have some of the most important such characters!

Super Mario: Birdo

This was the first trans character and it debuted in 1988. It was hard to define the character because at first it was thought to be a boy who thought he was a girl and in the end Birdo ended up being a female. You can see Birdo being paired with Yoshi quite a bit during many entries in the series.

Tekken: Leo

Just like most of the other trans characters in this list Leo also shared some controversy. The gender of Leo was never disclosed. Bandai Namco wanted to create a character that would work great for both men and female however it seems that Leo’s name was shifted to Eleonore in a follow-up game for the 2007 Tekken 6 title where Leo appeared for the first time.

Baten Kaitos: Guillo

Guillo has the power of the sorcerers but he also has a feminine appearance. This is a very challenging character for the Baten Kaitos game not to mention that the combination of man and woman voice makes the character quite intriguing and unique.

Guilty Gear: Bridget

Bridget seems to be a boy that was raised by a girl and he became a nun in the end. Having a transgender character in a fighting game seems like a first for sure but it’s safe to say that this is one of the most interesting trans characters in recent video game history.

Final Fantasy: Quina Quen

This character entered a very coveted franchise in its ninth iteration. People enjoyed the comic relief but soon realized that the character is a lot more than a simple transgender addition to the cast. The character eats enemies and has some very challenging and demanding abilities.

Chrono Trigger: Flea

Flea was first introduced in 1995 and this character is a magician which has a boss level strength. The character design makes it very intriguing. However, the character does have a diva form that offers some kisses despite the fact that Flea has a masculine look.

Street Fighter/Final Fight: Poison

Poison seemed to be a skimpily dressed character and it was hard to figure out what gender he/she was. One thing is certain, Poison started to be more and more popular by being added in Street Fighter and other fighting series. Still, this is one of the most popular transgender characters which does add a lot of value and fun to the series.

There are lots of great transgender characters in gaming but these are by far some of the most popular and intriguing ones. They also pertain to many major franchises which further adds to the uniqueness of these games. One thing is certain, if you want to play as a trans character or want to engage in fights with trans bosses, these are some great games that you should check out right away!

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